Benedicte E+ Mapalma (HR)

gratis klubb!

Time, date & age restrictions 23:00 20+
Tickets Free

Benedikte E
Benedikte E, also known as benny_b is an Oslo-based artist and dj. She started mixing music a few years ago, and has since played regularly at various clubs in Oslo. Places such as Hausmania, Revolver, Ingensteds and The Villa during the by:Larm festival-, and Øyanatt 2019.

She is better known for her film projects to promote women in snowboarding and the skateboarding, but to express oneself through music has become an infinite passion. She is quite experimental and likes to cross the line, doesn’t really believe in genres, but to mention a few you can expect breakbeats, electronic, techno and everything outside and in-between. In addition benny will debute with her own visuals. Visuals by other artists will be screened too.

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Mapalma is a DJ and producer from Zagreb, Croatia who has worked with names like mobilegirl, Staycore and Santa Muerte. Known as the Croatian ambassador of grime, trap, reggaeton and ballroom, she has managed to get her records featured on Staycore and Ashida Park labels, while also getting her mixes played on NTS and Rinse FM. After releasing her debut EP Nightcap, she has released a new one called Crybaby just last year, in which she explores human behaviour, nature and technology and what binds them together, by decontextualising samples and different club sounds and elements.

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