Sarkom • Slegest • Sulphur • Hail Spirit Noir

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Norwegian black metal band Sarkom was formed back in 2003 in Lørenskog. After releasing one demo tape in 2004 the band landed a deal with Twilight Vertrieb for the release of their debut album “Aggravation of Mind” in 2006. In 2013 Sarkom signed with Dark Essence Records and released their album “Doomsday Elite”. Now the band has a brand new record out, called “Anti-Cosmic Art”, and are ready to perform at Inferno Metal Festival 2017! Hold on to something tight, Sarkom is back and stronger than ever!

After Stig Ese left Vreid in 2010 it was time to start up his brainchild Slegest. The band has an unique sound mixing together elements from black metal with doom metal. Slegest’s new album, “Vidsyn”, released through Dark Essence Records, is their second opus and yet another tribute to various musical influences. The band can be described as a Norwegian Black Sabbath with music that are made to be listen to live at a gig. So check out this great band when their doomish metal will blow the speakers at Blå during Inferno Metal Festival 2017!

After a few years of silence, Sulphur is back with their signature brand of technical, blackened death metal. “Omens of Doom” traverse the twilight between the brutal and the epic, and vary from being the soundtrack of destruction to the soundscape of the aftermath. The band has once again worked in Conclave & Earshot Studios with longtime collaborator Bjørnar E. Nilsen (Taake/Helheim/Vulture Industries) for the production, while Herbrand Larsen (Enslaved/Gorgoroth/Audrey Horne) mastered the album.

Hail Spirit Noir
Hail Spirit Noir was founded in the dawn of 2010 by Haris and Theoharis, also members of the avant-garde/symphonic combo TRANSCENDING BIZARRE? and the prog band REX MUNDI. The band became trio with the addition of Dim (Transcendiong Bizarre?, Blackdrawn) some months later. Towards the end of 2011, the band joined forces with Code666/Aural music for a worldwide release of the debut album ‘Pneuma’ in the spring of 2012. The album was warmly received both by listeners and critics and thus the band soldiered on satisfied with their experiment’s success.