Endless Boogie (US)

+ The Devil And The Almighty Blues

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Endless Boogie formed in 1997 and are one of the last vestiges of an old New York.

Led by the guitar duo of Paul Major (growls and searing leads) and Jesper Eklow («one of the best riff writers and rhythm guitarists in rock ‘n’ roll» – Uncut Magazine), and backed by the rhythm section of Marc Razo and Harry Druzd, the bands most recent album, Long Island, is 80 minutes of deep grooves and outsider heavy rock music.

The Guardian described them as «classic rock boiled down to its fundamentals and looped into sublime, hypnotic infinity. On record it is a pleasure – beautifully played and recorded… but live it is quite another thrill… It is hard to imagine many bands capable of making a more glorious noise.»

Endless Boogie will release their 4th studio album in summer 2016.