FLUX: Skodde – Abduction

Album release party

Time, date & age restrictions 23:00 20+
Tickets 150,—

Skodde is finally releasing new music on Flux and this time they bring us a full length album called Abduction.

This album is a collection of ideas they made preparing for live shows in 2021. Now the duo is ready to take their synths, drum machines and sampler to Blå and celebrate this milestone with an evening of sweaty dancing and hardware techno.

Skodde are known for their raw, hypnotic sound. They have played venues like Blå, Storgata 26, Revolver, Kulturhuset, Ingensteds and Hausmania. The duo are co-founders of the label and music collective Flux.


As warm up they have brought with them one of Oslo’s most iconic DJs and producers – Espen Iden.

Espen Iden is a Oslo based multidisciplinary artist who’s had a go at most creative outlets. This reflects in his DJ style inspired by 1970s loft parties, southern rap and techno – he is know for mixing balanced warm soul and energetic club music.

Iden has played at numerous clubs in Norway such as Mir, Storgata, Jaeger, Landmark, Østre, clubs in Tokyo and Berlin, and has made raves for half a decade. He is co-founder and resident-DJ in the music collective Fucket Freakkvens, and runs 666 Lounge. He also produces music under his alias Pyramiden.


23:30 – 01:00 Espen Iden
01:00 – 03:00 Skodde (Live)

Instagram: @skodde____
Instagram: @espeniden

ID: 20
CC: 100 NOK preorder/150 NOK at the door.