Hanging Out w/ Niilas, Ida Nerbø, DJ Tilla & Frisyro Bolani + Nothing Personal

Inne & ute // klubb & konsert

Time, date & age restrictions 23:00 20+
Tickets 150,—

We are so happy to share with you our latest concept “HANGING OUT W/” in collaboration with BLÅ. The event series will focus on a more open source format and bring both friends from far away and locally to share music together.

For the first edition of HANGING OUT W/ we are activating both the outdoor area + the club for 8 hours of music from both DJs and live act. It is our pleasure to curate this amazing lineup of some of our favourite artists and DJs.

Frisyro Bolani
Nothing Personal (Concert)
DJ Tilla
Ida Nerbø

Niilas is a composer and electronic music artist that blends genres, instruments and electronics into a unique expression of club music. Weaving beats, deep bass and melancholic melodies, he creates glittery textures of sound, all tracing back to his indigenous Sámi background and Arctic aesthetics. Known for energetic live performances, his debut album ‘Also This Will Change’ gained him a Norwegian Grammy Award (Spellemann) for ‘Electronic Music Record of the Year’ in 2020.

Ida Nerbø (DOT)

Ida Nerbø plays a hypnotic, dark and playful mix of techno and
acid. Her performances often delve deep into the murky
realms of sound with mind bending, swirling sets – she is a key
figure in the underground scene in Bergen as well as in the
established clubs in Norway. She has performed DJ-sets at
outdoor raves, on boats in the fjords, in clubs and at festivals,
offering a selection of Nordic style hypnotic techno combined
with gems from the archive.

DJ Tilla

Tilla’s curiosity for music started early, playing the piano and digging through her parents’ vinyl connection. Her obsession for discovering deep cuts and meshing together contrasting sounds has shaped her DJing style, making her a staple in the Oslo scene with over 100 yearly gigs yearly, with her latest appearance being at By:larm 2022.

DJ Tilla recently released the single “Doomed” on her own label, receiving good reviews in Gaffa, Scandinavian Soul and TBA mag. She is the co-founder of club concept Acid Equinox and her first DJ release «Wolfie Chick» was released through Club Kowloon as part of the collaborative album Rare Loops 1.

Frisyro Bolani

Frisyro Bolani. Pronounced correctly with an Italian accent, Bolani is the host of club concepts Klubb Mossarella and Club Alberto Peroni and has been throwing parties all over town on various dance floors. Parallel to playing records, he is working in the studio, with the first release on his own label, Sånn Sett Records. Percussion, broken beat, ghetto, house, breakbeat, italo and acid. Sick style. Call the ambulance!

Nothing Personal

Nothing Personal is a collage project consisting of Dorothea Økland, Thea Emilie Wang and Solveig Wang. The band embraces experimental pop songs, free improvisational stretches and field recordings, and the music can be described as experimental pop with elements from jazz, R&B and electroacoustic music.

Nothing Personal mixes unconventional elements and serves the listeners a live sound collage that is created in the present. The approach to the music is like in a research lab where the three musicians investigate sounds, tunes and effects.

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