Inferno: klubbdagen

Orkan, Lucifer´s Child, The 3rd Attempt og Mistur

Time, date & age restrictions 20:00 20+
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“Dark Essence Records Stage” 

ORKAN (NO) | 21:00 

Orkan, a black metal band based in Bergen, features members and ex-members of bands like Enchanting Darkness, Byfrost and Taake. Their debut album “Crimson Canvas” is, as described by the band, “a self-financed, thrashy album”, but Orkan has now left this sound behind them and taken their musical vision in a much darker direction. They’ve taken the classic Norwegian black metal sound and incorporated it with influences from many other genres to create atmospheric melodies with haunting vocals and intense blastbeats. Their new album, “Livlaus”, was just released and is worth checking out. So is Orkan when they play live at Inferno Metal Festival for the very first time.

Dark Essence struck gold when they signed Greece’s most exiting band at the moment. Lucifer’s Child was formed in 2013 by George Emmanuel of Rotting Christ and Stathis Ridis of Nightfall. Their debut album, “The Wiccan”, was just released and it is such an atmospheric and epic black metal experience that it stands out from most of the music released today. Lucifer’s Child brings forward the Greek black metal sound to new levels and “The Wiccan” is a modern occult masterpiece. This band is not to be missed at Inferno Metal Festival 2016!

THE 3RD ATTEMPT (NO) | 23:30
Norwegian black metal is still strong as hell and even if The 3rd Attempt is a new band; their sound is old school. Their debut album, “Born in Thorns”, was released to great acclaim and no wonder, as this is one of the best black metal releases of yesteryear. But could anyone expect anything else? Because The 3rd Attempt is the new brainchild from riff master Tchort from such bands as Carpathian Forest, Green Carnation, Blood Red Throne, Emperor and Satyricon. It also features members from other bands like Apostasy, Midnattsevrede and Den Saakaldte, just to mention a few. The 3rd Attempt is everything true Norwegian black metal is about and they sure will put up a hell of show when the play at Inferno Metal Festival for the very first time.

MISTUR (NO) | 00:50
Mistur hails from the west of Norway and belong to the famous wave of black metal bands carrying the Sogndal sound known simply as Sognametal. A sub-genre made famous by Windir, but also includes such bands as Vreid, Cor Scorpii, Sigtyr, Feigd, and yes; Mistur. Their debut album from 2009, “Attende”, is a symphonic, melodic black metal masterpiece. This is some of the greatest melodic black metal ever created. Not surprising, as Mistur features members and ex-members from such bands as Windir, Vreid, Kampfar, Sigtyr and Emancer. Their long awaited second album is working process and will be out in time for Inferno Metal Festival 2016!