Kitty Klubb

The Brvtalist // Might Be Twins // Pedahl

Time, date & age restrictions 23:00 20+
Tickets 150,—

=^.^= KITTY KLUBB @ BLÅ =^.^=

Kitty Klubb is back at Blå, and this time with The Brvtalist (Berlin/LA) headlining the night.


When: 08. April 23 – 03
Where: BLÅ
How: Tickets at the door!

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Might Be Twins

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The Brvtalist:

The Brvtalist fuses together a mix of techno, industrial, EBM, acid and rave, playing both sides of the Atlantic, from Los Angeles to New York, Berlin, London, Moscow and Paris.

In 2020, The Brvtalist launched his namesake label, Brvtalist Sound Recordings, which has since released music from Wvalaam Klous, madwoman, Alessandro Nero, UNREALNUMBERS, Soraä, Hybral x Lesser Of and forthcoming releases include EPs from Mercury 200, Might Be Twins and more.

Through the website of the same name, the renown podcast series, New Brvtalism, the Brvtalist S.R. imprint and over 10 years of experience as a DJ, The Brvtalist aims to expose different elements which all share the same dark romantic allure.

You might have seen him at his BRVTAL VISION showcase – On the YouTube channel HÖR.

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Might Be Twins:

Hardcore cat lovers that brings high energy to the dancefloor.

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Pedahl has recently established himself as a fresh addition to the techno scene in Norway, with his own uncompromising take on the genre. Pedahl delivers hard-hitting, dynamic soundscapes with a low-end that hits where it’s supposed to. Pedahl currently resides in Oslo, after previously having established himself as a well-known face behind the decks in Trondheim.

After a number of singles, and his debut EP “!silent”, he released “Nature / Automata” via Mhost Likely in 2021. This release is a good showcase of Pedahl as an artist, with heavy atmospheric tunes like “Nature”, and the experimental and ruthless “Automata”.

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Come early! Can’t wait to see you!