Klubb Verdensstjerne

ESP (US), Sport7000 & Julia Greni

Time, date & age restrictions 23:00 20+
Tickets 150,—

Fredag 15. får vi besøk av ESP fra New York. Vi har også med oss den nye Oslo-favoritten Julia Greni, og Sport7000 som avslutter kvelden.


Musicians Donovan Lally and Zephyr Maliki began their creative partnership into electronic music in 2012.
Their collaboration now spans an aggregated shared lifetime between the two and has assumed many forms and identities,
both shared and independent, over the course of their careers.

Starting as producers, the duo quickly expanded their horizons and touched on DJing, broadcasting and event management under
the umbrella of Indigo Radio, and completed the circle, returning to production as their primary medium first independently,
and then as a unit, ESP.

ESP’s dedication to world building is the foundational element of their practice. The duo earnestly delivers on the promise
of music as an expression of both the transcendental and terrestrial – an amalgamation of disparate influences and impulses,
composite and composed, simultaneously uplifting and grounding.

Although decidedly genre-agnostic, a thread runs through the duo’s body of work. Instantly recognizable and highly original,
the fabric of their artistic oeuvre could only be the product of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis between lifelong creative partners,
a clear beacon of two individuals demonstrating that the network is more than the nodes of which it is comprised.


🧚‍♀️ Julia Greni

Julia makes deconstructed, minimalist electronic pop. Her debut Fieldmoment contains everything from acoustic compositions to electronic ballads, always with a playful and textured edge.


 👁 Sport7000