pres: La Diabla. Med residents Soldal og SVANI, hanneks og piiksigram

Time, date & age restrictions 23:00 21+
Tickets 100,—

KOSO CLUB pres: La Diabla

KOSO CLUB er kåret av NATT&DAG til årets beste klubb (2017) –
“et beinhardt klubbkonsept hvor du kan danse deg glad og svett samtidig som du tramper på patriarkatet i takt med bassen”.
Siden sist klubbkveld ble så himla kos, holder vi oss i den hvite boksen på Blå igjen. Denne gangen kjører vi en litt mildere sommeredition med rytmisk innslag fra Barcelona aka Sónar Festival aktuelle La Diabla!

KOSO CLUB sine egne resident DJs, Soldal og SVANI, nyankomne Hanneks og Piiksi vil varme opp, rundt og forbi som vanlig!

La Diabla
Under the pseudonym La Diabla, the producer Raymond Rojas arrives at Blå with one clear mission: to get all norwegians to dance to the sound of reggaeton. If anyone can achieve this singular task its La Diabla who’s knowledge and love for the genre is well known to anyone who has dropped in on one of his sessions at Razzmatazz or the GoGoClub nights organized by Akabadgyal. As a producer, he’s spearheaded the neo-perreo sound, with last years The Temple EP, which expands its palette beyond dembow into UK Funky and beyond and counts with collaborations from other luminaries of the scene, Noiapre or Highkili.

La Diabla: soundcloud.com/invokeladiabla

SVANI is one of the most interesting DJ & producer that Norway has to offer. She made her debut at Boiler Room London in 2017 and got praise from The Fader for her fast-pacing set. She’s been playing at clubs all around Europe and of course Norway where she played at Øya, Slottsfjell, Pstereo, Insomnia & Bylarm. SVANI made bubbling mixes for among Truants, RinseFM, TripleJ and Thump and have been praised by Resident Advisor and NestHQ with her eclectic blend of R&B, hip-hop, dancehall, kuduro og dembow. She’s even released songs through LA-based Unspeakable Records, Classical Trax and the label HTS and run a club night in Oslo with the female collective KOSO CLUB. Be ready for what TRUANTS describes as a “special kind of club vibe that makes you smile and nod to your friends before stupidly punching the air in joy”.

SVANI: https://soundcloud.com/djsvani

Soldal weaves rhythmic, bass driven music with laser sharp synths. Soldal is co-founder of the femme focused creative collective KOSO and the club concept KOSO CLUB. Throughout the past few years Soldal has made herself visible in the DJ scene playing across influential venues and festivals in Norway, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Berlin, Lisbon and Paris. She has played alongside artists like Zora Jones, MikeQ, Total Freedom, Kingdom, collaborated with dancers from Kiki House of MERAKI and made clubbing mixes for Rinse France, Cómeme and the renowned American record label Mad Decent / Good Enuff co-founded by Diplo.

Soldal: https://soundcloud.com/soldal

Hanneks has managed to develop her own sound through both her recorded mixes and standing behind the decks. Originally from Trondheim, the Oslo-based DJ has in a short period of time filled her DJ-resume with both small and big gigs at clubs, underground raves and the 2018`s Pstereo Festival in Trondheim. She likes to play a mix of melodic rhythms, hip hop references and heavier tunes crossing into the techno genre.
Alongside being a part of KOSO CLUB, she is a resident DJ at Lokal Bar in Trondheim. Running her own club concept, klubbanneks, where she gathers forces from Norway`s club scene and gets the people of Trondheim dancing.

hanneks: https://soundcloud.com/hanneks

piiksi isnít unknown on the dance floors of Oslo –
but itís not often sheís in charge of whatís playing
(whatís popiní!?). Quality triumphs quantity and she deliveryís bangers every time. Expects a great deal of bass, dewbow, riddim, hip hop and of course guilty pleasures in original packaging

piiksi: https://soundcloud.com/aleksine


KOSO CLUB for the love of club art and people. Part of KOSO family.
Former guests at KOSO CLUB: MikeQ (US), Zora Jones (AU), Mobilegirl (DE), Florentino (UK), MINA (UK), Toxe (SE), Kablam (SE), Orlando (IR), Simon Kaiser (DE), LINNEA (DE), Moesha 13 (FR), The Large (US), Slick Shoota, Adipop, Ballo, Christine Dancke, Marie Komissar, 3000 Textures, Yourfr1end, Vilde Tuv, Magnus Ah OK, MERAKI & Kunstgress.