KOSO CLUB pres. Kush Jones

SVANI, Soldal, hanneks og Piiksi vil varme opp, rundt og forbi som vanlig!

Time, date & age restrictions 23:00 20+
Tickets 150,—

FREDAG 11. MARS | KL: 23.30-03.10 | ID: 20
CC: 100,- før kl. 00.00 / 150,- etter

KOSO CLUB er tidligere kåret til årets beste klubb av NATT&DAG
“et beinhardt klubbkonsept hvor du kan danse deg glad og svett samtidig som du tramper på patriarkatet i takt med bassen”.

Den 11. mars tar vi med oss Bronx-baserte Kush Jones. DJen og produsenten er kjent for sitt friske syn på footwork-sjangeren som han i sine DJ-sets sømløst blander inn med Jersey Club og annen klubbmusikk. Han er en av de mest produktive og mangefasetterte artistene der ute og vi gleder oss veldig til en kveld med han på Blå!

KOSO CLUB sine egne resident DJs, SVANI, Soldal, hanneks og Piiksi vil varme opp, rundt og forbi som vanlig!


Born and raised in the Bronx, DJ and Producer Kush Jones’ gateway into the world of sound making all started with the sample. Growing up surrounded by R&B and soul played at home, he became interested in the way his parents records were flipped in modern music. He began learning computer based music production while in an after school program as a teen, and while most of his peers were taking the traditional hip-hop route, he desired for a more expansive palate. In the late 2000s, he attended Lite Feet battles, one of NYC’s homegrown dance cultures, which lead him to discover similar scenes around the US, such as Chicago footwork, Jersey club, and more. Still fascinated by the way all these genres reworked classic sounds to form new ones, Kush set off on a path to fuse his influences to form his own voice for the dance floor.

Eventually jumping behind the decks to play exclusive tracks from him and his friends, he gained the attention of likeminded DJs from all over, and found a home on the LAX-based Juke Bounce Work crew. Whether locals from the budding scene of his borough, or collaborators met abroad while touring, Kush cherishes feeding off the energy his friends and contemporaries. He’s spent the last few years touring all around the US and Europe and held radio residencies on Rinse FM, and stateside stations such as The Lot, and Halfmoon BK.

Churning out homemade creations regularly, Kush is most known for Strictly 4 MY CDJZ, his self-released series of Bandcamp exclusive EPs with 40 volumes planned to drop. On his newest project, he takes a more focused approach, and channels his love of house music into a 4-track 12” vinyl release on Washington DC-based label Future Times, out later this year. Whatever the tempo might be, Kush Jones provides a fresh take on the various areas he choses to work in, with a genuine respect for the craft and history of dance music, and a strong ear for sounds both current and yet to come.


hanneks has managed to develop her own sound through both her recorded mixes and standing behind the decks. She likes to play a mix of melodic rhythms, hip hop references and heavier tunes crossing into the techno genre. Alongside being a part of KOSO CLUB, she is a resident DJ at Lokal Bar in Trondheim. Running her own club concept, klubbanneks, where she gathers forces from Norway`s club scene and gets the people of Trondheim dancing.

SVANI I is one of the most interesting DJ & producer that Norway has to offer. She made her debut at Boiler Room London in 2017 and got praise from The Fader for her fast-pacing set. She’s been playing at clubs all around Europe and of course Norway where she played at Øya, Slottsfjell, Pstereo, Insomnia & Bylarm. SVANI made bubbling mixes for among Truants, RinseFM, TripleJ and Thump and have been praised by Resident Advisor and NestHQ with her eclectic blend of R&B, hip-hop, dancehall, kuduro og dembow. She’s even released songs through LA-based Unspeakable Records, Classical Trax and the label HTS and run a club night in Oslo with the female collective KOSO CLUB. Be ready for what TRUANTS describes as a “special kind of club vibe that makes you smile and nod to your friends before stupidly punching the air in joy”.

Soldal waves rhythmic, bass driven music with laser sharp synths in her own genre bending way. Throughout the past few years Soldal has made herself visible in the DJ scene playing across influential venues and festivals in her own country Norway and in Europe.
She has released music through Soul Feeder, Ashida Park, Classical Trax and HTS. In 2020 / 2021 Soldal released a collaborative EP with Danish Circuit 900, followed up by a remix EP with remixes from Slick Shoota, Miss Jay, Ballo, CXLI and Miracles.

Piiksi is not an unknown face on the sweaty and dark dance floors of Oslo – but it’s not often she’s in charge of what’s playing. Quality triumphs quantity, and she bringing it to ya every time.
Expect a great deal of bass, dembow, riddim, hip hip and guilty throwback pleasures in original packaging. Places that has been graced with PIIKSI behind the decks are Oslo Pride, BLÅ, Lokal Bar (Trondheim), Landmark (Bergen), Internasjonalen, HYSJ and Dattera.

KOSO CLUB for the love of club art and people. Part of KOSO family.
Former guests at KOSO CLUB: MikeQ (US), Juliana Huxtable (US), Zora Jones (AU), Mobilegirl (DE), Florentino (UK), MINA (UK), Toxe (SE), Kablam (SE), La Diabla (ES), Orlando (IR), Simon Kaiser (DE), LINNEA (DE), Moesha 13 (FR), The Large (US), Miss Jay (IT), Slick Shoota, Adipop, Ballo, Christine Dancke, Marie Komissar, 3000 Textures, Yourfr1end, Vilde Tuv, Syk Tariq, Magnus Ah OK, MERAKI & Kunstgress.

NB! Vi ønsker at våre eventer skal være åpne for alle og fritt for seksuell trakassering. Ta kontakt med en vakt om du opplever noe ubehagelig ❤️