KOSO CLUB: Xzavier Stone (Live + DJ-set)

hanneks // SVANI // Soldal // Piiksi

Time, date & age restrictions 23:30 20+
Tickets 150,—

KOSO CLUB er tilbake på Blå etter sommerferien! Vi har gledet oss masse til å dele hvem som skal være med denne lørdagen i september. Xzavier Stone er en artist, produsent og DJ fra Sveits og har tatt musikkverden med storm. Han slapp THIRST (2018) via Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones’ Fractal Fanasy, og i slutten av juli slapp han sin nyeste album I DARE YOU til stor glede for fansen. Vi gleder oss til å høre Xzavier Stone bak decksa OG LIVE!

KOSO CLUB sine egne resident DJs, SVANI, Soldal, hanneks og Piiksi vil varme opp, rundt og forbi som vanlig!


Xzavier Stone is an artist, producer, DJ & vocalist from Zurich, Switzerland.
Known for his bold yet playful work, he has released on Fractal Fantasy, his own imprint XZA, and YAWREDDY?!, a joint platform with frequent collaborator Modulaw.

Over the years, Stone has become recognizable by his subtle and deft spins on rap and R&B music and his penchant for playfulness and experimentation. This has seen him fashion a genre-defying, personal and innovative sound which he both creates and fully inhabits. Threading severe electronic music and sound design with harmony and an off-kilter sensuality, Stone offers up a mystery and tease that glints through the manifold positions his music touches.

hanneks has managed to develop her own sound through both her recorded mixes and standing behind the decks. She likes to play a mix of melodic rhythms, hip hop references and heavier tunes crossing into the techno genre. Alongside being a part of KOSO CLUB, she is a resident DJ at Lokal Bar in Trondheim. Running her own club concept, klubbanneks, where she gathers forces from Norway`s club scene and gets the people of Trondheim dancing.


SVANI I is one of the most interesting DJ & producer that Norway has to offer. She made her debut at Boiler Room London in 2017 and got praise from The Fader for her fast-pacing set. She’s been playing at clubs all around Europe and of course Norway where she played at Øya, Slottsfjell, Pstereo, Insomnia & Bylarm. SVANI made bubbling mixes for among Truants, RinseFM, TripleJ and Thump and have been praised by Resident Advisor and NestHQ with her eclectic blend of R&B, hip-hop, dancehall, kuduro og dembow. She’s even released songs through LA-based Unspeakable Records, Classical Trax and the label HTS and run a club night in Oslo with the female collective KOSO CLUB. Be ready for what TRUANTS describes as a “special kind of club vibe that makes you smile and nod to your friends before stupidly punching the air in joy”.


Soldal waves rhythmic, bass driven music with laser sharp synths in her own genre bending way. Throughout the past few years Soldal has made herself visible in the DJ scene playing across influential venues and festivals in her own country Norway and in Europe.
She has released music through Soul Feeder, Ashida Park, Classical Trax and HTS. In 2020 / 2021 Soldal released a collaborative EP with Danish Circuit 900, followed up by a remix EP with remixes from Slick Shoota, Miss Jay, Ballo, CXLI and Miracles.


Norwegian native PIIKSI loves djing on sweaty and dark dance floors. Expect a great deal of bass, latin, reggeaton, hard rhythms and a bunch of guilty throwbacks in original packing. She’s played behind the decks at Oslo Pride, BLÅ, Dattera til Hagen, Revolver, Kulturhuset, Internasjonalen, Landmark (Bergen), Lokal Bar (Trondheim), Kurbadhagen (Sandefjord), Arena Club (Berlin) +++

KOSO CLUB for the love of club, art and people. Part of KOSO family.
Former guests at KOSO CLUB: MikeQ (US), Juliana Huxtable (US), Zora Jones (AU), Mobilegirl (DE), Florentino (UK), MINA (UK), Toxe (SE), Kablam (SE), La Diabla (ES), Orlando (IR), Simon Kaiser (DE), LINNEA (DE), Moesha 13 (FR), The Large (US), Miss Jay (IT), Slick Shoota, Adipop, Ballo, Christine Dancke, Marie Komissar, 3000 Textures, Yourfr1end, Vilde Tuv, Syk Tariq, Magnus Ah OK, MERAKI & Kunstgress.

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