Lazy Queen + Bikelane


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“Meet the Nordic five-piece ready to take the world by storm. Exploring self-destruction and anger with heavy and distorted guitar layers, the Nordic rock five-piece embrace all types of emotions in this powerful hit” – Wonderland Magazine

“Prodigious pop-punk” – Medium

“At once anthemic and accessible, jangly and ethereal, Lazy Queen crafts an expertly blended atmosphere that satiates our love of shoegaze and punk alike” – NYLON Magazine

Lazy Queen entered the Norwegian music scene like a breath of fresh air, by way of New York, where Colombian-Norwegian Henrik García Søberg founded the band. With an increasingly vibrant Norwegian Indie Rock scene on the rise, Lazy Queen have made their mark with a sound inspired by the rich traditions of the Brooklyn DIY scene that birthed the band, ambitious and effervescent releases, coupled with their unique ability to convey personal and relatable experiences through García Søberg’s lyrics.

The Oslo-based outfit effortlessly blends harmonic and discordant elements together with an instinctive ear for melody into a playful, innovative and vibrant sound, which affixes both context and contrast to lyrics that often explore life’s more maladjusted corners. It’s immediate. It’s urgent. It impatiently demands your attention.

Lazy Queen hasn’t let the travails of the pandemic slow them down much, as the band spent the past year and a half releasing a series of singles, culminating in their EP titled “Get Home or Die Trying”. The releases received widespread support and critical acclaim from renowned outlets such as Wonderland Magazine, Under The Radar, NYLON, Red Bull Music, Earmilk, Indietronica, Impose Magazine and Medium. Along with extensive streaming and radio support they also played an incendiary set during the Us festival #iVoted, where they as the only Norwegian booking shared the billing with artists such as Billie Eilish and Fantastic Negrito.

The band is currently recording their next release, and will be playing new material at shows throughout the fall.

“Lazy Queen har konsekvent hausta lovord frå tastemakers i både inn- og utland for tidlegare utgjevnader, og når «A Place (To Bury Strangers)» leier opp mot nytt EP-slepp, er det all grunn til å tru den trenden vil halde fram” – p3 (“Best Akkurat Nå”)

Lazy Queen was born in Brooklyn, raised in Oslo, and will never die. Join the wreckage.

“Raw and melancholic bubblegum punk done wonderfully. Norway’s Lazy Queen are one of the best bands coming out of the country right now” – Louder Than War

“Norwegian alt rock act Lazy Queen have returned with a new anthemic take on punk rock” – Under The Radar Magazine




Bikelane er et indierock-band med base i Oslo. Men en fot plantet i indierockens glansdager og den andre i et moderne produksjonsbilde, henter gruppa inspirasjon fra superhelter som The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand. Kvelden på Blå blir deres andre som band, men medlemmene er på ingen måte nykommere da bandet består av folk fra Girl In Red, Me & The Julios og Selmer. Så sikre deg noen indie-cred-poeng ved å kunne si at du var på Bikelane-konsert før alle andre, for dette bandet forblir ikke en hemmelighet lenge.