Lolina + Skrap + MAG + KUUK DJ’s

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Lolina (formerly know as Inga Copeland), is a producer and performer of electronic music. Her self-released albums and EPs – “RELAXIN’ with Lolina” (2015), “Live in Paris” (2016), “Lolita” (2017) – build on experiments with lo-fi and digital production, minimalist composition and discordant vocal arrangements. Making use of a DJ set up, additional layers of live percussion and vocals, Lolina’s live shows continue her attempts to discover possibilities for experimentation within the adopted limitations of electronic music and the contexts for its performance.


Skrap is Heida Karine Johannesdottir Mobeck on tuba and effects, and Anja Lauvdal on synths. In the past few years they have made their mark in bands like Broen, Skadedyr and Moskus, and when the eccentric indie pop goddess Jenny Hval played at CTM festival in February it was “FEATURING SKRAP.” Skrap searches for resistance within the eclectic in music. The music is as much inspired by jazz as it is by classical, hip hop and club music. The duo ignores all genre conventions, making use of popular musical sounds and melodies, field recordings and small compositions, and tying it all together with improvisation.


MAG, aka Magdalena Ågren, is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Using trombone, megaphone, voice, homemade electronics, loops, and drum machine all at once to build her music from scratch. From the smallest simple element, it grows into a gigantic dystopian lo-fi orchestra. Sometimes restrained and suggestive, sometimes chaotic and wild. MAG strives for deep introspection and expressive power, seeking both confrontation and commonality. She released her first solo album, Magnitude, in 2016 on Surplus Recordings and Zeon Light Skiva, and has played more than 100 shows in Europe and North America. Magdalena Ågren also currently plays in two other band projects, SORK and Trapped in a Loop.


Klubb: Kuuk
Den norske rapgruppen KUUK, som er kjent for sine eksplisitte tekster, tunge beats og eksplosive live-opptredener DJer både før og etter konserten. Forvent en heftig miks av hip hop, kuduro og andre heftige rytmer – KUUK har spilt over hele landet og etterlater seg alltid svette dansegulv.