AVLYST! Monument Sesongfinale: Rødhåd


Time, date & age restrictions 23:00 20+
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After a crazy year of lockdowns, club nights, festival, sweat, freedom and dancing – we finish up the season with one of techno’s true underground heroes: RØDHÅD. He will come to play all night and make sure our season finishes up with a big bang!

Now an established force in contemporary Techno, Rødhåd is someone who has seriously put in the work. Having cut his teeth DJing in Berlin for 10 years, one could argue that by the time success knocked on his door, he was more than ready for playing the international stage. It was during these 10 years of obscurity that he refined his craft to become the singular DJ he is now.

Although he has lauded productions and remixes to his name, DJing is his true forte. Before abandoning his day job as a draftsman in construction “The Red” (as some call him due to his gingered, bearded appearance) was known for playing very long sets in Berlin’s most notorious hideaways.

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