Queer Sauna

Techno Klubnacht

Time, date & age restrictions 19:00 20+
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Full-on techno/acid all night.
Drag acts.  Due to corona this will be a sit-in club, but with no holds barred. This will be wild.

QUEER SAUNA is a hedonistic underground techno party inspired by German Herrensauna. It has a firm focus on high quality and hard hitting techno and acid.


Drag artist line-up:

DJ line-up:
>DON CARL (resident Q.S.)

– – – – – – –

>DANA LIGHTS – the queen of Bergen – has finally made the move to Oslo! She is the winner of the Norwegian finale of EuroDrag Contest and is here to make it clear! Singing, dancing, looks – she does it all. She is one of the founders of Haus of Friele and currently a member of DRAGCORE!


>PENETRA SCHöN – drag by day, drag by night. A horny, hairy, bearded, artsy queen that is difficult to label. She can go all artsy-surreal-underground-babe on you or go traditional an do classic disco. A 10 year resident at the renown Bergen queer club Fincken, Penetra is nowadays a frequent fixture at Elsker and other significants scenes and parties in and outside Oslo, as well as a member of DRAGCORE! She is something else, for sure.


> NATTL4MPE is a supertalented techno DJ and producer drawing huge influence and inspiration from the continental techno scene, in addition to acid, gabber and trance. The last three years he is also responsible for a substantial production of his own, adding additional edge to the grooves. Nattl4ampe has been featured at significant venues such as Revolver, Godthåb, Skippergata 9, Oslo Camping, as well as internationally renowned The Villa.

The last year he has issued a series of singles as well as two albums, including last month’s release of “Free To Go” on Berlin lable Extra Energy.

Expect a hard hitting and industrial dive into the underworld of techno.


> DON CARL is resident DJ in QUEER SAUNA and an affiliate of the Technokjeller DJ-team.

He has been featured by Oslo hosts and parties like Grunerløkka Alternatives and Aftenrøde, Mind The Gap and Technokjeller on venues likebHausmania, The Villa, Oslo Camping, Påfuglen, Klubb Q, VULKAN and Elsker, as well as on the Spanish queer scene, where he DJ debuted. His sample-based, hard hitting and high pace acid techno has filled may dance floors in and out of Norway, including Spain and Greece.

A part from stamina and mixing style, it is his track selection that truly stands out. Don Carl searchs for danceable samples as well as sweet spots between tracks that are interconnected not by genre but vibe. It is the dancefloors that taught this DJ intuition for the sounds that make a crowd vibrate. A close follower of the Berlin scene with artists like Héctor Oaks, Dax J, Marcel Dettmann and Regal, his driving techno sets are carefully spiced with energetic funk and jacking grooves.



> DE WULFF is a fresh addition to the Oslo techno scene and will start off the evening.

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No camera use allowed. What happens in the sauna shall stay in the sauna.

Please be mindful that QUEER SAUNA is a QUEER party. If you are not part of the LGBTQIA+ community, you are a guest. We therefore ask you to behave like one. We seek to create a safe space for free expression of queer gender and sexuality. All sexualities and orientations are welcome, but a queer mindset is encouraged. The club reserves the right to escort persons out of the venue by the security staff, eg. in the event of behaviour akin to harassment or actions without consent.

You can come as you are, but self-expression is encouraged for us to easily identify you at the entrance and in order to contribute to the vibe of the party.

– – – – – – –

Please be mindful that QUEER SAUNA is a QUEER party. If you are not part of the LGBTQIA+ community, you are a guest. We therefore ask you to behave like one.

Furthermore, we are partying together, so please be mindful of each other. Three magical words; CONSENT. IS. SEXY. Nevertheless; if you see or experience any unwanted attention, contact, harassment or behavior of any kind that makes you uncomfortable, please speak out and notify the staff immediately.

The security staff is trained to remove individuals engaging in any form of:

* Sexual harassment
* Acts of aggression
* Racism
* Misogyny
* Transphobia
* Homophobia
* Religious bigotry
…or hatred and discrimination of any kind.

We stand with all those who demand complete freedom from hatred and harassment on the club scene, in parties and venues.

Lastly we would like to ask you to be responsible and engage in safe clubbing. Look after and take care of oneanother.

This also includes respecting corona related measures and distance.

Thank you.

The Queer Sauna Team