Sunkissed: Residents Night

m/bl.a. g-Ha & Olanskii + Vinny Villbass +++

Time, date & age restrictions 22:00 20+
Tickets 150,—

: g-Ha & Olanskii : Vinny Villbass : Coltsfoot : Ronny Rabalder :
: Asbjørn E : Henri Le Coq & Le Capitan : Gaute Haaversen :

Page through the annals of club culture and electronic music in
Norway and one name keeps making an appearance. Enter the story at any given moment and Sunkissed will undoubtedly be there. Both a pillar and a charge of the clubbing community in Oslo, Sunkissed is about the rounded clubbing experience, where it’s never been about a single song, but about how that song fits into the entire experience of a night at their spiritually counterpart, Blå. It’s about the complete package and every detail is expertly scrutinised in order to ensure it’s the best possible experience a club has to offer. At the centre of this appeal is the idea of a Gesamskunstwerk, in which developing space and sound is the prime objective of Sunkissed. The focus is wholly on the audience and their involvement in the night, putting the DJ amongst them, and putting the audience on the pedestal – quite literally putting the crowd on Blå’s stage. No detail is spared in this pursuit and the idea of Gesamskunstwerk falls effortlessly in to place through motivated chance encounters, bringing like-minded people together.

Both informed by trend and avoiding the obvious, Sunkissed transcends the here and now in favour of setting their own course in the riptides and waves of what’s happening immediately around them and their ever-expanding audience. At their core it’s about how the booking policy interprets these ideas through bringing international artists to Oslo and introducing new people to new electronic music in the process. Past bookings include Magda, Richie Hawtin, Octave One, LCD Soundsystem, Alter Ego and Move D – artists that set a particular tone without trying to buck to trend, and who’s lasting appeal is evidence of their significant contributions to music. As such Sunkissed has never been about House or Techno, but rather something more intricate, meeting in that spot where genres become conflated and expanding outwards through unique creative personalities. These artists arrive at Sunkissed through Ola (Olanskii) Smith-Simonsen’s network that extends from Oslo to London and back to Berlin, and is responsible for the social atmosphere you’ll find at each Sunkissed event. Alongside Geir (g-Ha) Holger, who joined Sunkissed early on, because he coveted Ola’s booking strategy, these two core members of Sunkissed intertwined their own skill at a set of decks, with a forward-thinking music policy. Sunkissed would also see Vinny Villbass and Nico Coltsfoot join their ranks and through these people the club night has remained on the pulse of electronic music and dance culture from very different, but concentrated points of view. With this they also give a lot back to the city to which they owe their existence. Sunkissed Live – a performance based off shoot – is all about quality Norwegian music and has offered a stage for up and coming Norwegian artists to display their prowess amongst international artists. It has given acts like Trulz and Robin, Ost and Kjex, and Finnebassen a platform from which to be heard and from which eventually their audience grew.

Sunkissed is the complete package for electronic music in Oslo, and Norway. With the social network of Sunkissed continuously expanding and their bookings evolving along with electronic music and dance culture, Sunkissed grows like an organic being. Made up around the core group of people that represent Sunkissed, it’s never only about them and what you get when you attend a Sunkissed event is a sense of community – a community of people coming together around this thing we call music.

by MISCHA MATHYS (The Formant)