Super Besse


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Super Besse started as post-punk band and released two longplay albums 63610* (2015) and La Nuit* (2017). Coldwave duo with this baggage made tours in Europe, Russia, China, collecting amazed listeners and good marks from the press. Their track ‘Holod’ appears at Hotel Mumbai movie.

Now Super Besse are back with unrecognizable sound and new album Un Rêve, that is released on the 13th of March 2020. Super Besse brings a new alloy of low-frequency techno beats, bold straight bass, nervous guitar and distant vocal. The presentation of the album Un Rêve – is Russian lyrics on the exciting topic of
self-identification and reflection of existence in small World. But even without knowing the Russian language, through an alarming dance beat, you can guess the warning
message. ‘We wanted to change our sound, to bring something fresh and unusual. Also last years we listened a lot of electronic music. So as result we decided to move this direction and created something more electronic, but still with our spirit’ – tells Alex
Sinica, bass player.

‘Also I moved to Berlin and all creation process from music to lyrics was something new for us, because Alex is based in Minsk. We rethought the process of creating music, as well as the semantic textual presentation of our material. It was nice but
tough work and great experience’ – adds Maksim Kulsha, vocalist.